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Wes Edens Launched New Fortress Energy

Wes Edens, The Great Entrepreneur

In 2014, Wes Edens launched New Fortress Energy to lower carbon emissions and encourage economic growth via accessibility to cleaner, cheaper and dependable energy. As CEO, he has guided the company’s fast expansion into a highly integrated, global energy giant that benefits the lives of millions via its liquefied natural gas terminals, power production facilities, and logistical assets throughout the globe. With activities centered on clean technology and renewable hydrogen. Mr Edens’ long-term aim for the firm is to be amongst the world’s top producers of carbon-free electricity.

Wesley Edens appreciates a counterintuitive bet. He notably jumped back into subprime lending in 2010, only a few seasons after the financial crisis. Wes Eden and Fortress are now spending more than $3.5 billion to develop a private passenger train in Florida at a period when self-driving vehicles are a wise investment. In 2014, Mr Edens partnered with NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, gambling on a team whose last title was nearly 50 years ago, and on Friday, he purchased a controlling position in the failing English soccer club Aston Villa.

Wes Edens, a longtime competitor and athlete, grew up on a ranch in rural Montana, competing in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, jogging, and horse jumping. He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, among other challenging mountains from across the globe.

Wesley Edens has five active employment positions, including Co-Owner at Aston Villa, New Fortress Energy, and Co-Founder at Milwaukee Bucks. Moreover, Wesley Edens has had two former roles: Managing Director and partner at BlackRock. Wesley Edens has three board and advisor responsibilities, including Board Member at OneMain Holdings, Chairperson at Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, and Executive Chairman at New Senior Investment Group.

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