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Teachers Could Use Up To 40% Of Their Time Managing Learners’ Behavior, Says ClassDojo Founder

World over, it is not easy to train a kid to have and maintain good behavior until the kid is mature. Parents try their best to raise their kids to have good morals, say hi to visitors, and maintain courteous behavior when with mature people. However, their training is usually short-lived because many kids leave home to attend school, which at times is far away from home. Other parents prefer taking their kids to prestigious boarding schools, with the belief that by mixing with people from other cultures, their kids will learn many things thus get the right exposure.

Aware of this, ClassDojo, an online learning platform was founded. The aim of the app is to eliminate the amount of time a teacher spends monitoring the behavior of different learners. Before its founding, teachers could use up to 40% of their time trying to manage the different behaviors of their leaner, whether good or bad. This was one of the things ClassDojo sort to solve. Thankfully, since its development, ClassDojo has helped teachers manage their time properly. It is ideal to mention to say that now, teachers use less than 10% of their time to manage the behavior and different traits of their learners.

One of the things that have brought this big change very fast within a short time is the fact that learners know they will be rewarded. Yes, according to ClassDojo, whenever a learner does something commendable, a teacher has a tab that allows him/her to reward a behaved learner with a point. On the other hand, the learner is well aware that if he or she behaves badly, the teacher has the ability to deduct a point from the app. All these things are shown on the portal, something that is visible to teachers, parents, or guardians, as well as fellow learners.

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