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SeaWorld continues to make a positive impact Countrywide

SeaWorld has been on a tear of completing and planning rehabilitation projects that will make lasting impacts on sea animals and their habitats from Florida to the California coast. From rescued manatees being released back into the wild to their collaboration with Disney to save Florida’s coral reefs, SeaWorld has been leading the way in sea and ocean restoration projects.

SeaWorld completes the largest manatee rehabilitation project in history.

Just a few months ago 5 manatees were delivered back into the wild in Florida. The project in conjunction with the Jacksonville Zoo, was the biggest such delivery in zoo history. Two of the manatees, named Amelia and Irma, were stranded as calves in 2017 and taken to SeaWorld Orlando to be raised, rehabbed, and prepared for their release back in to the wild. The 3+ year process was a major focus of the SeaWorld staff. SeaWorld is extremely proud of this monumental accomplishment. Most importantly these 5 manatees have found a real home on the Florida coast.

SeaWorld, Disney and Florida Fish and Wildlife organizations set up a permanent Florida Reef Program.

SeaWorld has made another major impact which incorporates the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida and NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program as well as Disney. The goal of the Florida Reef Program was to set up an official Florida Reef Program Center. The center has officially been set up and is now operational. The office is the biggest of its sort in the United States and is devoted to aiding weak or endangered coral reef fish and wildlife species.

SeaWorld invites the public to celebrate their successes!

SeaWorld Orlando is proud to celebrate their recent successes along with their Seven Seas Food Festival that will incorporate a Cinco De Mayo theme. Starting April 30, visitors can participate in the Mexican-themed celebration with new things added to the Seven Seas Food Festival’s menu. It has been a long and successful year for SeaWorld and their positive impact on sea animals and their habitats is surely something to celebrate.

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