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Scott Dylan: Partner and Founder at Fresh Thinking Group

Scott DylanThe Fresh Thinking Group is a collective of individuals who share a common and consistent set of ideals and objectives. It’s a large group of experienced, passionate individuals who have a knack for maximizing their strengths and helping others to maximize theirs. It is a team of executives that collectively wants to be an invaluable asset to the world. The FTG’s vision is to build a company that strives to achieve incredible things on all fronts; society, employees, investors, customers, clients, and the world at large.

The Fresh Thinking Group is a company that serves to scale the future for businesses of all sizes. Scott Dylan: We build platforms for tomorrow, today, and in the future for innovative, passionate teams. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes, including the BBC, Echo, and Happy Orphans amongst many others, bring their marketing and development teams together in a way that they can grow together and enjoy success together. Our mission is to equip the next generation of business leaders with the skills and processes required to develop the future of the UK economy.

In 2018, Scott Dylan launched the Fresh Thinking Group to offer a practical and highly profitable alternative to large external finance. The Fresh Thinking Group improves the chances of firm success, maximizes value for everyone, and avoids the risks of rapid growth. The Fund has the capacity to deliver a very low-risk low-cost route to sale. It offers the lowest cost of funding from a UK private equity fund, often below even existing bank financing.

Scott Dylan: The FTG consists of two main vehicles: the Reward Fund and the Acquisition Fund. The Rewards Fund is a group of high quality, high growth UK businesses that will meet the criteria of the Fund. The Acquisition Fund focuses on transforming the businesses of established companies with proven performance and size.

Based in London, the Fresh Thinking Group is a team of growth-focused entrepreneurs, coaches, and coaches that provides companies with resources and programs that empower teams to reach their potential. Through learning platforms, e-learning, online workshops, podcasts, and a blog, the Fresh Thinking Group provides actionable, proven ideas that can help organizations transform how they work and change their environment.

Scott Dylan: Our research and development team is composed of 12 of the smartest, wittiest, funniest, most driven people in London. We put our heads together to come up with truly groundbreaking stuff that you will love and that will dramatically improve your business.