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Ross Levinsohn, Media Executive

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is one of the top media and communications executives in the United States. His heart is set in entrepreneurship and bringing people to the intersection of media and technology. Upon finishing his bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications in 1985, he and another graduate from American University founded a production firm. Their first effort at entrepreneurship was a success, and this victory would propel Levinsohn forward for years to come.

In 1989, Levinsohn and his partner sold their firm, and they each selected fresh opportunities to pursue. For Levinsohn, that meant accepting an offer to coordinate promotions at Time Warner Sports, which was under HBO’s umbrella. From there, he was offered a position in production at SportsLine. In the late 1990s, the internet was going through a rapid expansion. Levinsohn wanted in on the action, and he joined Alta Vista in the same year. Tasked with coordinating its portal launch, Levinsohn learned a lot about the forefront of online media and its intersection with sports broadcasting.

By 2001, some of the excitement around the internet died down a bit. Ross Levinsohn became a general manager at Fox Interactive Sports Media. His work was well-received, and a promotion to CEO of Fox Interactive Media was forthcoming. Upon leaving in 2006, he amassed several years of executive experience. Levinsohn co-founded a digital ad service called 5to1, and his co-founder was James Heckman. Their firm brought in big money, and Yahoo! bought them out a few years later. Levinsohn joined Yahoo! as an executive in 2010 and went on to serve as its interim president in 2012.

During the mid-2010s, Levinsohn filled a variety of executive roles at a range of companies. He also began a few additional businesses of his own. However, his old partner, Heckman, hadn’t forgotten him. Heckman had founded Maven, Inc. after he and Levinsohn sold 5to1. By 2019, Maven owned hundreds of brands, and it had just purchased Sports Illustrated Media. Ross Levinsohn became the CEO of that division. In 2020, Heckman announced his retirement. He selected Ross Levinsohn to be the new CEO of Maven, Inc.