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Roland Dickey Jr Wants Everyone to Try BBQ

Sitting atop a restaurant empire means being organized, and prepared which is just what CEO, Roland Dickey Jr. has done. Dickey is the Chief Executive Officer of Dickey’s Capital Group, the umbrella company for Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant. With locations across the US and around the world, Dickey has to remain productive throughout his day to watch over this BBQ behemoth.

Managing a large business that includes franchises, real estate, and other operations under the Dickey’s banner requires organization. One way that Roland Dickey Jr. does that is by having standing morning meetings, and keeps them short and productive. Dickey also uses the single-thread owners concept, which gives employees a singular focus so as not to be distracted by competing responsibilities. This also ties into Dickey’s belief in focusing and not multitasking. His singular focus has helped Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants grow to over 500 locations.

Dickey believes in continuing education and is reading and researching on a daily basis. Reading gives people a way to relax and also gets the creative juices flowing naturally. Dickey also believes in risk-taking as evidenced by the company’s great expansion during the 2006 recession. He chose to buy real estate at unprecedented values and expand. Dickey sought out technology solutions for the company by using data to make decisions, having an app in the IOS store, and even working with Amazon’s Alexa application.

Roland Dickey Jr. received his BA from Southern Methodist University in 1996 and went on to work in the corporate world before returning to the family business in 1999. By 2006 Dickey was the CFO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants and was focused on expanding the business from what his grandfather built. Dickey really focused on food quality to make the brand stand out from the crowd.