Randy Douthit on Judy Justice Show

Randy DouthitJudy Sheindlin is one TV personality we have watched on our TV screens for over two decades in Judge Judy. The Judge Judy series aired on CBS until late last year, when the show was canceled. However, Sheindlin has experienced a hard time staying away from our screens since she will be making a debut with Judy’s new series will still be produced by new and improved TV show Judy Justice, which is aired IMDb TV.

In this new show, Judy will get to retain her existing viewers and bring in a new streaming audience. She will consecutively produce the show alongside Randy Douthit and Amy Freisleben as the executive producer and director. The three worked together in the production of Judge Judy all through the series lifetime.

Judy will be bringing in an amazing team for this new show to revamp it and make it relatable to the current justice system. Among the casting crew will be Kevin Rasco, who will be cast as the bailiff, replacing Petri Hawkins Byrd, the bailiff in the previous show. Whitney Kumar, the stenographer, and Sarah Rose, the law clerk, will be alongside them. The fun fact is that Sarah Rose is the grandchild of Judy, whose addition will be impactful to the young audience. Besides, Judy recognizes that her granddaughter is part of the show due to her excellent talent. She recognizes that Sarah will not only bring a little voice to the new show but is also smart and sassy.

Randy DouthitJudy appreciates the team working within the new Judy Justice show in an interview. She appreciates working with Randy Douthit and Amy Freisleben again, who made their previous show a success. Together with the team, Judy has a goal of making Judy Justice a signature program for every home. Besides, what is there not to love about the show? Judy Sheindlin has a strong commitment to justice, is funny, and enjoys the show. As such, those who associate with her and attend her show always want to emulate her impeccable character. It goes without say that Judy is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.