Business Leader, CEO

Philip Belamant, the Founder and Creator of Zilc

Philip Belamant is the founder and CEO of Zilch Solutions, a company that has created a technology called BNPL 2.0, which is now operational in the United States. The Buy Now Pay Later 2.0 solution is the latest innovation in a series of new high-tech products from Zilch that aim to help retailers. The global financial service firm is looking to change the way people shop online.

BNPL 2.0 is an online alternative to retail credit options and offers a faster and easier alternative for customers to buy items immediately with no interest charges, no additional fees, and credit checks. The solution consists of a unique payment plan that enables shoppers to take their time paying for the item until it is received. There are never any pre-payment penalties or interest charges experienced with traditional financial services or retail credit options.

The fintech from Zilch provides a flexible way to pay for retail purchases, and this new installment is available across all Zilch sites. Philip Belamant, the founder and creator of Zilch, said that the company has been working on this solution for the past couple of years, and they are glad to unveil it to a wider range of users. The new system is offered through a partnership with one of the leading online payment processors in the world.

Philip Belamant and his team enjoy growth in the company, focusing on creating solutions for the retail industry. The team at Zilch has been in business for years, with over 400 employees, and serves thousands of clients daily. Online payment has been seen as a specialty of Zilch. They have been looking to create solutions to enable clients to run their businesses without needing retail credit or installment purchases.

Philip Belamant says that the BNPL 2.0 was developed after extensive research of the existing financial systems and services. He claims to have looked into all kinds of technologies from the past and, led by his team of experts, came up with a brand new way to pay for items online.