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Pam Baer On The Hearts In San Francisco Project

Pam Baer is at the forefront of many philanthropic ventures in the San Francisco Bay area. The Hearts in San Francisco project happens to be one of the most significant ventures this renowned mother, businesswoman, and philanthropist has ever committed to. Through the project, she raises funds for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, supports local artists, and champions a united community.

What are the events that take place at Heart in San Francisco Project?

The main event that happens at this project is the display of heart-shaped sculptures. As a result, Bay Area artists get to display their work through the platform the event provides. The good thing about the event is that it happens throughout the city; thus, any artist looking to display their work gets an opportunity. Another event that takes place is auctioning the sculptures to support the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.

Further, Pam Baer has had a chance to work with some renowned artists like Tony Bennett. The outcome of working with the famous artist has seen his heart-shaped painting adorn Union Square. For the San Francisco residents, the heart sculptures represent the love the residents have for their community and those at the forefront of offering essential services like the San Francisco Hospital employees.

Pam Baer’s love for art

One of the reasons why Pam Baer has been a very active member of the Hearts in Francisco Project is her passion for good art. Pam loves artistic work, and for this reason, she loves seeing displays of art wherever she goes. For Pam, art symbolizes creativity, and she believes that artists can turn their art into beneficial ventures. To learn more about art and have an expansive view of what art is all about, Pam Baer spent her time during the pandemic to explore what the world has to offer. Refer to this article for additional information.


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