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NumbersUSA, An Advocacy Group Eyeing To Scale Down The Number Of Immigrants

NumbersUSA is a not-for-profit advocacy group whose mission is geared towards reducing the number of immigrants visiting the United States every year. In 2015, this Arlington Virginia organization spent more than $500,000 to push immigration bills in congress. Roy Beck, the founder of this organization, established the group in support of arguments raised by different national commissions in the United States.

Through its civil forums: NumbersUSA Action and NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation, it enlightens the public, leaders, and policymakers on dangers posed by high immigration numbers on environmental, economic, and American Quality of Life.

One of the commissions was the commission on immigration reforms, whose mandate was to reduce immigration from one million to five hundred thousand. A renowned civil rights activist Barbara Jordan was the head of the commission. Bill Clinton established the other commission (Presidential Taskforce of Population and Consumption), and it was to see the immigration levels reduced to less than what had been proposed by the commission on immigration reforms.

The limitation on immigration levels was due to the limited natural resources that can hardly cater to the ever-growing immigration levels. As an organization that champions immigration reforms, NumbersUSA has a set of guidelines under which permanent immigration can be considered. For instance, one can get a permanent immigration status if the immigrant has extraordinary skills valuable to the national interest.

They also insist that permanent residence permits should be extended to the special needs refugees who don’t have any prospects to settle in their native countries. The organization is also looking to lobby for the elimination of the Visa lottery and extended-family “chain immigration.” The group points out that foreign workers who don’t have any extraordinary skills but have employment visas should be provided temporary visas whenever there’s a labor shortage. NumbersUSA is also looking to do away with illegal immigration and, in its place, have an open visiting policy. Anyone with the policy can conveniently visit, tour or legally study in the united states for a set number of years. Visit this channel on YouTube, for more information.


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