Mako Medical’s Support for Healthcare Practitioners during the COVID-19 Period

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, most businesses suffered significantly, with several of them shutting down. Mako Medical came up with strategies to help companies dealing with medical services continue operating during the pandemic. With the lockdown in most states, medical practitioners have reported a decline in patients seeking treatment services. That has threatened the employment and income of health care providers across the country.

According to Chad Price, the founder of Mako Medical Laboratories, many medical services providers are getting panic and confusion. Most healthcare providers did not know how to handle patients in such circumstances. They are also going through problems trying to understand new platforms that they can use to treat patients during the pandemic.

Mr. Price also noted that medical practitioners were not sure how to provide services to their patients virtually. They also did not know how to continue treating the elderly who are not conversant with the current technology. Therefore, Mako Medical generated a telemedicine platform that doctors would use for treating patients during the coronavirus period.

The company also introduced a text-messaging platform for doctors to communicate, guide, and update the patients. With that, the patients get all the information they need and help them to stay free from worrying and calling their doctors. In addition, medical professionals provide the patients with information about their medication requirements, coronavirus, necessary health care, and chronic illnesses through the platform.