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Macrina Kgil Competence and Dedication in The Crypto Market

Macrina Kgil is one of the few women in the cryptocurrency market executive boardrooms. Currently, Macrina is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Macrina holds a Mineral and Petroleum Engineering Degree and a sub-major in Chemical Technology from the Seoul National University. However, Macrina Kgil’s career journey rotates around accounting, finance, mergers and acquisitions, capital market, cryptocurrency, and risk management. In addition, she has maintained an impressive portfolio as a corporate developer and team builder.

Macrina Kgil joined’s team in 2018 as the CFO. Through her leadership, the company has acquired massive growth, especially in its initial public offering stages. is among the globally leading crypto and blockchain companies. A third of global online Bitcoin transactions are processed through Macrina has experience in private equity businesses and is allowing to scale, prosper, and grow. She has indisputable capabilities for attracting potential investors. As the CFO, Macrina has forged investment trajectories for from multiple investors, including VY Capital, Baillie Gifford, and DST Global. The recent funding amounted to $300 million and will help to progress its growth vision.

Macrina Kgil has worked with internationally known and repute companies like Fortress Investment Group, OneMain Holdings, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. OneMain Holdings is the recent company she worked with before joining Through her expertise, OneMain Holdings experienced a gigantic growth of $11 billion. Macrina worked in Fortress from 2008 to 2012 as an in-house finance and accounting consultant. She was the lead executive officer of acquisitions and capital market transactions.

Macrina is a go-getter with a powerful tale of success preparation, demonstrating perseverance, determination, and achievement. As the CFO, Macrina has helped establish its over-the-counter trading desk. has also established a hardware wallet where users can store their cryptocurrency via a ledger. She has also allowed Blockchain to develop strategies that will help build a customer base and maintain loyalty.