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John Ritenour:Innovative Solutions

John Ritenour, Co-Founder in 1988 of Insurance Office of America(IOA), one of the most successful private insurance companies in America, has a keen eye for innovation and creativity. In his typical entrepreneurial style, John Ritenour has embraced remote work for IOA employees, touting the benefits of remote work as many other companies struggle to balance employee and client needs during unprecedented pandemic times.

Among the many benefits to employees are: (1) elimination of timely and costly commutes; (2) schedule flexibility that allows for increased productivity; and, (3) the ability to help with family issues such as meals, school and transportation needs. The end result is a more productive employee which results in increased profits for IOA and increased earning opportunities for its employees. John Ritenour has personally enjoyed these benefits as remote work has allowed him to enjoy more family and personal time.

Through remote working environments, employers enjoy the advantages of reducing costs by decreasing needed space, minimizing electricity costs, and scrapping other traditional overhead expenses. Additional benefits for employers are the elimination of office politics and the possibility of increased human resource issues, a major concern for companies.

While the benefits of remote work are many, John Ritenour acknowledges challenges with the concept. As all have learned during this pandemic, personal isolation can be difficult and detrimental for some. Technological platforms such as “Zoom” have gone a long way towards helping with this issue; however, when technology fails, these feelings of isolation could increase. Companies must be keenly aware of these potential pitfalls.

John Ritenour has always embraced technology as a gateway to improved productivity and believes that working remotely from home increases overall employee production and happiness. He also believes the concept is here to stay and will flourish in the future.