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Jake Medwell, a Successful Entrepreneur, Shares His Views on Washington Infrastructure

Jake Medwell is 8VC’s founding partner. Recently. He shared his views on the possible influences of Washington infrastructure on trucking. Jake Medwell believes that Washington’s situation is very fluid. The country’s infrastructure is below expectations and very weak. According to him, inflation is rising, and he still expects an enormous spending bill ranging between 1 and 2 trillion dollars. Moreover, the tax hike might be less than the projected one. Jake says that there have been fights in Washington in trying to define what infrastructure is. The administration of Biden and the congress democrats argue that physical infrastructure and human infrastructure should be paired together.

Jake Medwell says that human infrastructure means social programs that offer considerable support to education, healthcare, and other related priorities. According to him, pairing human infrastructure and physical infrastructure raises questions like the number of dollars that will be used on various categories. Thus, he proposes that human infrastructure is likely to receive the more significant share; however, it is hard to clearly state the percentage that will be allocated to roads and other infrastructure. Moreover, he explains that Biden, the presidents, and the congressional Democrats are likely to carry out a bipartisan plan with the citizens, both political and principled.

Jake Medwell, 8VC’s founding partner, focuses primarily on both enterprise and consumer investments. He is a successful entrepreneur and has spent most of his life creating and scaling corporations. Moreover, he leads 8VC’s transportation and logistics focus. Before co-founding 8VC, he co-founded Humin, which dealt with mobile software, whereby he contributed to the company’s growth by building a team that focused on engineering activities.

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