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Isidoro Quiroga, the Biggest Businessman in Chile

A businessman from Chile, Isidoro Quiroga is widely known for his career focus in local and international markets. Throughout his career, Quirooga has successfully worked with and developed various forms of business such as real estate, energy, mining, exporting, agriculture and salmon farming. 

His first entrepreneurial success was in the 1970s when he decided to import kiwi fruit from America to Chile building a market for it in farming. After which he invested management in energy production and distribution.

More recently, he sold his company Enphase Energy for a high profit. Back in 2018, he bought the business for $20 million and now sold it for the US value of $819 million with approximately $735 million in profit. This showcased Quiroga’s intelligence and wisdom in investments. 

Back in 2009, Quiroga sold his Chilean salmon company, Australis Seafoods, to Joyvio the Chinese group for $91 million which exceeded the sale price of the greatest competitor, AquaChile.

Quiroga’s leadership skills also came into play when he managed the company during the salmon anemia virus crisis. However, that same year, he came out from this crisis managing the Chilean fishing market as well. He eventually sold Australis Foods but stayed within the management board. The company had solidified its current position as one of the biggest salmon exporters in the world coming from salmon farming to globally distributing fattened fish. Soon enough, the business was able to engage in the Chile Stock Exchange becoming the leader in its industry. 

Quiroga also invests in multiple mining operations such as Andacollo Gold and Minera Fuego which both are parts of the Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín holding company portfolio.

Isidoro Quiroga has developed a reputation as a businessman who doesn’t know his geographical limits. In the present day, he has an eye for investing in the technological advancements of Silicon Valley. His reputation proceeds him as a good businessman with an eagle’s eye for good opportunities for investment and practicing good management strategies. Today his team is in charge of the various investments and companies of the family holding company, and he’s identified by his determination to bring businesses to their greater potential as one of the biggest Chilean businessmen around.