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Heath Ritenour Inspired By Michael’s Story of Recovering After Undergoing Chemotherapy

Several factors need to be considered before one decides to venture into business development or entrepreneurship. For you to succeed and grow to greater heights, growth and development are essential. These two factors need not be taken for granted. They should be taken with the highest level of seriousness. How do you expect to maximize profit and increase productivity within your company if you are lazy? On several occasions, you will find chief executive officers and other entrepreneurs not on good terms. There will come a time when you will have to major in business matters instead of your family to keep your business and its operations running smoothly. They may leave you in a do-or-die situation. However, unlike most entrepreneurs, CEO’s and business owners, John Ritenour has surprised many because he has managed to balance business matters and family.

John attests that leaders need to learn how to balance between family and work. All these are integral and should be handled with the highest level of seriousness. Some of the personalities you need to have to find this easy include commitment, dedication, resilience, and hard work. John is also the founder of Insurance Office of America, helpful in smoothly running Health Ritenour’s operations.

The first chemotherapy for Heath Ritenour was done on the 11th of January. The regimen given to Heath Ritenour was tough, and its duration was nine weeks. According to health experts, he was supposed to undergo several chemotherapy processes daily. Heath preferred staying outside the Hospital when receiving medication.

Heath Ritenour confirms that chemotherapy never pleased him; however, there was no alternative but to undergo the entire process. However, he had hopes that the process would heal him. While in Hospital, he interacted with Michael, who told the story about Judy. The story was an inspiration and gave Heath hopes to recover. Michael gave Heath hopes that Judy got the same medication and recovered.