Gary McGaghey Explains the Best Private Equity Deals in 2021

Gary McGaghey is the CFO and experienced private equity expert at Williams Lee Tag. His management and leadership skills have made him prosper in companies that he has worked in. Before this, he has worked in several companies. For instance, he has worked at Nelson & Co Ltd, in charge of global regulatory compliance. He has also worked at Unilever Plc, working at different positions after multiple promotions. Not forgetting, he was employed at Robertsons Food Ltd. Here he held different management roles like CFO, vice president of group logistics, and commercial director. Before Gary McGaghey got into an active career path, he acquired the best education. He graduated from the University of Natal with a bachelor of commerce degree. He proceeded to the University of South Africa, where he got Honours postgraduate bachelor of commerce degree. At Chartered Institute of Management Accounts, he studied management accounting and proceeded to study non-executive director diploma at Financial Times.

Gary McGaghey says that private equity deals are expected to increase in volume in 2021. This should be a continuation of the trends experienced in 2020 due to low-interest rates. The first five months of 2021 have recorded an increase of 21.9%, resulting in 2346 deals so far. Low-interest rates and record fundraising are some of the leading causes of such an increase in the number of deals. Also, experienced private equity professionals from established firms are deploying funds, leading to an increase in the number of deals. With such an increase in the number of deals, firms are forced to diversify and provide alternative assets and holdings in various classes. Gary McGaghey confirms that these private equity firms are looking to invest in insurance companies since their products represent stable long-dated liabilities. Therefore, they can generate high-risk adjusted returns and increase AUM.