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 Eduardo Sonoda Discussed Marketing Trends Catching On In 2021

Eduardo Sonoda is among the most sought-after marketing experts worldwide. He is a UK resident and graduated from the London Marketing Academy before launching his career and working for several industry-leading companies. Sonoda got into entrepreneurship in 1995 by launching his own marketing advisory firm, Eduardo Sonoda Advisory. At the time, the firm has 7 employees, and he has since grown it to international recognition and a staff of more than 700 professionals. Recently, this marketing guru did an interview where he discussed marketing catching on in 2021. Read more

Building trust

This top-notch marketing professional mentioned that 2020 was the year that brought e-commerce to new heights as people stayed home. The lack of alternatives for customers fueled this exponential growth in e-commerce, and now that things are going back to normal, there is a great fear that the sector will take a hit. This is because many brick-and-mortar retailers will be winning back their clients whom they had for years. Eduardo Sonoda said that to avoid this, companies whose business model largely depends on e-commerce are going out of their way to build trust with their new customers in 2021 through their marketing campaigns. The goal of this is to win their loyalty and guarantee their success in the future.

Fostering human connections with customers

Eduardo Sonoda mentioned that in 2021, more enterprises are going out of their way to foster human connections with their customers through their marketing. During the pandemic, many businesses found out that having strong human relations with clients is among the best ways they can survive tough times. He said the companies are fostering these human connections by engaging in noble activities like charity, which provides good publicity. Sonoda revealed that research in the US showed that up to 70% of consumers prefer purchasing products and services from companies that engage in charity activities.