droppTV Combines Shopping and Entertainment in Its Brand New shopatainment Strategy

Over the past decade, the way content is consumed has changed. We’ve moved from watching silent films to binge-watching movies on streaming websites. There has been an increasing demand to consume content on the go with each passing year. Today, people want to watch the content they love on their smartphones on the go. The advancement of technology may be one of the reasons why there has been this change. The other part of it can be attributed to the change of lifestyle, taste, and natural causes such as Covid-19.

Since a huge chunk of content is consumed today on smartphones, brands are discovering easy ways to market their products using the same channels. But over the past decade, the biggest hurdle has been integrating advertisements with content. Most of the time, advertisements have come off as an interruption to content. For example, today, you will get several ads while watching your favorite content on streaming websites. These ads often come up as mid-roll ads.

But wouldn’t it be better to have ads that suit the content? A platform where ads and content are synchronized in such a way that it doesn’t come out as if you’re being forced to buy the product. Well, there’s such a platform called droppTV. This is a platform that carefully synchronizes both advertisements and entertainment. This is also known as shopatainment.

DroppTV is working on creating a platform where all entertainment and ads are under one roof. Using AI, droppTV is working on enabling users to watch content as they receive ads of relevant products. Once a user gets this ad, all they have to do is simply tap the product to purchase it. This form of shopatainment is something that Rai, the creator of droppTV, is currently working on. Rai assures users that with droppTV they can easily enjoy their favorite content while shopping within the platform. Rai also has promised to provide a better monetization model for creators of the content found within the platform. At the same time, providing creators with real-time granular data attribution of their content. Something that most platforms struggle with.

Currently, droppTV is working with both the roster and upcoming artists. Some of the names include Ashanti and TyY. So far, droppTV has made some impressive moves by gaining traction with the market through working with phone brands such as LG, and Zanerobe. With droppTV, users won’t have to choose between shopping and watching their favorite content creator. DroppTV is one of the companies paving the way for the future of shopatainment.