Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP

In Dean Omar Branam’s landmark case, Shirley, LLP, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that using a person’s death information in a law enforcement investigation is not a criminal activity. The case significantly impacted law enforcement and was a considerable learning experience for both the lawyer and the client. Learn what happened in the second circuit case and how it has prepared you for other issues in the future.

• Shareholder Liability and Consumer Action

Dean Omar handled this case with the assistance of his associate, Mr. John Scott. The case was about a consumer injured by a faulty product sold by the defendant company. The consumer’s injuries were so severe that she was permanently paralyzed from her neck down and needed constant physical care. The company had been aware of the dangerous condition of their product since it was installed in their stores. 

• Unpaid Wages

Dean Omar handled the case involving an employee who was not paid for their overtime hours. The employee worked over 60 hours and was not paid for any of those hours, but they were required to work the same overtime hours when they were not being compensated for those extra hours. The employee had filed a claim in small claims court and won, but the defendant company appealed. 

This case was a lot of fun to work on because it involved many exciting things. The client was happy with the result, and the lawyer had learned a lot from working on the case. In addition, this case prepared Dean Omar for other types of cases and taught him valuable lessons that he can apply to his current practice.