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Dave Antrobus: Author, Motivational Speaker

Dave AtrobusAre you feeling stuck, frustrated, or ready to give up on your goals? Author and motivational speaker Dave Antrobus has been there too. In this interview with the Fresh Thinking Group, he shares his story of success and how you can learn from his experience. Learn more about who he is, why he writes books that are inspiring, what makes him a great public speaker, and what it’s like to be an author.

Dave Antrobus is the author of over 30 self-help books and hundreds of articles on personal development. He helps people achieve their potential by showing them how to use positive psychology, which is based on scientific research about what makes human beings happy and successful. Dave has appeared in numerous media outlets, including television (The Today Show), radio (BBC Radio), and magazines (Time, Men’s Health), where he offers advice on various topics from stress to motivation. He has been a keynote speaker at events around the world.

In 2015, Dave published his first story for children called ‘The Little Pig That Could’. The book is based on a true story of an encounter with a pig in the Caribbean. It became an immediate bestseller. The author’s royalties will go to UNICEF in support of their work with children around the world.

While at the Fresh Thinking Group, Dave also discussed his writing process and tips for becoming a successful author. He expressed how important it was to forge your own path and be unique. He also noted how helpful positive feedback can be and what you should do when critics try to drag you down.

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Dave Antrobus is passionate about motivating people to take control of their life and live the dream. This interview with Dave Antrobus was conducted by Steve Randall of The Fresh Thinking Group, which is based in New York City. His company specializes in creative strategies and tactics for their clients, using fresh thinking to push the boundaries of ideas.