Beachbody Adapts to Meet Today’s Fitness Needs

BeachbodyBeachbody is a company that was founded specifically to fill a critical need in the marketplace, and it has progressively evolved so that it continues to fill that need. Originally, the company was founded by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon in 1998. The primary purpose was to give fitness enthusiasts an affordable, home-based alternative to a gym membership. After all, while gyms were increasingly popular at that time, they were not well-suited for all needs. The company’s core product line at the time was an expanding line of fitness videos. These are sold individually on DVD and could be watched as many times as desired. The Shakeology product line was also available a short time later. Shakeology drinks are nutrient-rich meal replacements that are an essential source of energy and a cornerstone of wellness.

While the demand for home-based fitness products remained steady over the last couple of decades, consumer expectations and technology changed. Specifically, the growth of the internet now enables streaming content, and it makes this content available to the masses. At the same time, consumers no longer wanted to do the same workout repeatedly. They wanted access to variety. Carl Daikeler saw the opportunity to place Beachbody’s 1,500 workouts online behind a paywall. All subscribers today have access to the full library for an affordable monthly rate. Between the Shakeology line and the evolved workout program line, the company continues to meet the fitness needs of its many customers. Today, it is publicly traded using BODY as its ticker sign, and it has a value of more than $2 billion. More than that, it has attracted the attention of Kevin Mayer, a former Disney executive who is now a multi-million-dollar investor in the company.


Notably, the company also heads up the Beachbody Foundation. This is a charitable project that has raised millions of dollars to support groups like Upward Bound House, Save-A-Warrior and others. This includes a contribution of more than $10 million from Carl Daikeler personally.