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Author Solutions

Author Solutions is one of the revered self-publishing platforms incorporated in 1997 as a company offering authors spread from all continents with opportunities to self-publish their creative work. The company gets rated as the pioneer platform in allowing authors to self-publish their workman opportunity that was unheard of in those times.

So far, the company has registered over 250,000 authors and publishers from all walks of life. Consequently, this self-publishing platform has currently published over 300,000 titles from various authors. The company is among the champions in forging ways in which authors in their early days as self-publishers can utilize and get the best out of this platform.

Their sister companies iUniverse and AuthorHouse provide exceptional customer service to their clients and work to pair authors with the best marketing/publishing agents for their needs. They lead in the self-publishing industry by providing book marketing, editorial services and support with self-publishing.

Author solutions have improved their platform by integrating various resources that authors can use and ease their publishing work. Authors Solutions has also gathered and developed a network of valuable contacts to allow their authors to utilize these contacts and networks to create and build their careers. Consequently, authors have an advantage when using the author’s solutions platforms as they benefit from valuable insights that allow their clients to taste the definition of success.

Therefore, Authors Solutions promise and commit to assist authors in achieving their dreams and aspirations, whether it is aspiring to join TV or even seeing your book retailing in major bookstores. With Author solutions, you have a dependable partner who supports your aspirations every step of the way.

Author solution has also assisted a host of authors in their platform relaunch their careers in various sectors of the economy. The company has seen many authors become successful proofreaders and editors in major media houses in the country. Consequently, mentoring upcoming young authors and publishers is an aspect at the center of author solutions as they move forward. With this, the company links up with experts and professionals in the publishing industry, who team up with young authors as their guide. Refer to this article for additional information.


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