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Andrew Lazarus has Secured a New Hotel in Newcastle.

Andrew Lazarus is one of the great Hoteliers in Newcastle.

His excellent achievements in business management exceed him.

Andrew and his family have been well-known for managing hotels for over 30 years.

They consider themselves passion is driven in dealing with the hospitality industry.

One of his recent projects is buying an outstanding pub in Newcastle.

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He aims to ensure the hotel provides the best service to the people of Newcastle together with tourists.

The owners of the hotel, Bale and Twohili Families, have managed it for many years before deciding to sell it to Andrew at $20 million.

What motivated Andrew Lazarus to purchase the hotel was its unique features.

It is also located at an iconic place with beautiful views of the beach.

The hotel’s original name is The Beaches due to its nature around the beautiful view of the ocean.

Andrew’s family has had eyes on that particular hotel for years hoping to one day be able to own or even manage it.

The family manages The Eastern Hotel Group portfolio, which includes several hotels like Shoal Bay Country Club.

Peter Lazarus is also known as the expert who renovated the Shoal Bay Country Club.

For these reasons, he is given the role of managing The Beaches hotel due to his excellent management skills.

Andrew Lazarus is also working with the best real estate firms to ensure the hotel is being marketed to its best.

The Beaches hotel has earned a good reputation due to its beautiful nature facing the ocean.

It is also designed using the best features that are breathtaking to the eyes.

Its verandas overlook the beach, which brings a fresh breeze from the ocean.

Andrew’s plan is to renovate the hotel further to a unique design that will attract many people.

He engages with people in the community to get their views of what they expect of the hotel.

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