About Jonas Lauren Norr

Crest has signed MOU with Ethos Real Assets to build ground-breaking technology to benefit Earth’s most vulnerable populations. Jonas Lauren Norr who founded Ethos Real Assets, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that helps disruptive technology startups address the world’s most significant challenges.

Crest has entered into an agreement with Ethos Real Assets, the country’s largest privately held technical consulting and asset management firm. The two companies will be working together to fully realize their capabilities, complete the activity plans outlined in their joint venture agreements, and develop many more potential projects.


Jonas Lauren Norr has been designated to the board of directors of Crest Resources Inc. With a solid tech pedigree and over two decades of experience in business, Jonas Lauren Norr brings immense leadership, knowledge, and power to the team. As both an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Jonas Lauren Norr brings years of invaluable insight into the development of startups and the growth of businesses — working with companies at all levels to ensure that they are making informed decisions that will shape their brand’s future. Before being named to the board of directors, Jonas Lauren Norr acted as a technical consultant to the company.


Ethos Real Assets is an early-stage venture capital firm that seeks to make a lasting impact on the world by investing in forward-thinking businesses that deliver efficient and sustainable support to legacy industries. The company’s mission is to prove that a venture model that combines social impact and financial return is not exclusionary — they can work in harmony.


Crest Resources Inc. is a British Columbia technology play that builds on corporate knowledge and relationships and drives value outside the mining cycle. The company has a high-quality portfolio of mineral properties in Canada, Australia, and Peru and investments in cutting-edge technologies that it believes can have broad market appeal by integrating new technologies into its operations.