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A Tieks Review Written By A Very Satisfied Customer

For most consumers, it always helps to read about what other people think of the product. This is especially true when the brand is a bit pricey. If you’ve been on the fence about buying a pair of Tieks ballet shoes, this article is worth a read. It’s a recap of an actual review written by an owner of the shoes, and it answers the question of whether Tieks is worth the price or not.

The Tieks brand is known for its high-quality shoes. The company has been in business for many years. The reviewer purchased their first pair in 2016. There are less expensive brands, and the customer was hesitant the first time. So, they did their research too just as you are now doing. This customer has been very happy with their purchase ever since.

The solid color shoes cost $175. The price for the printed styles is slightly higher. The Matte Black shoes were the first ones they bought and loved them so much that they wrote a separate review about those shoes. They went on to buy a second pair from the company in another color. The shoes fit slightly from the first pair, but they ended up working out great.

The high quality of the product was evident in both pairs of the shoes. The brand makes comfortable shoes that look and feel great on the feet. They wear very well, and the shoes continue to look like new for a long time. The customer bought a third and fourth pair, and now they have recently purchased a fifth pair of shoes from this company. The company features many colors, and each of their five pairs has been a great addition to their wardrobe. As this customer can attest, they are well worth the price.

They came up with “Tieks for Heroes Program” that offered a one hundred dollars card gift to the first respondents of the sewing campaign, nurses, doctors, and military service team. Tieks Company is a popular lender at KIVA and has extended microloans to women of color worthy ten million dollars and above.Refer to this page for more information.


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