Social Media App, Yubo

Yubo Gaining Fame

Yubo, a social media app designed by French, focuses on young individuals significantly below 25 years. The company is growing fast and now has over 40 million active members. The app allows users to hang out through live-streaming and interact with new people. Yubo allows users to spend money to get new and exciting features. Users pay to subscribe and unlock features to the app. The company now expects to raise $20 million in revenue. Recently, it concluded funding that raised $47.5 million from its investors, including Sweet Capital and Alven Capital, among others.

Unlike other social media platforms, where you can follow other users and like their posts, Yubo does not allow you to do either. The company aims at helping its users to meet new people, interact, hang out, play games, and become friends. When it comes to socializing, it’s a lot like hanging out with teenagers who aren’t in your high school.

When you first open the app, you’re presented with a list of available rooms to connect. Mobile users can broadcast live videos and engage in real-time conversation with other users. Depending on your preference in social media, you can join a room with people having the same interest as yours, like politics and current events. You are allowed to add people; you can add other users as your friends and chat with them through the app.

App purchases and subscriptions give you access to more functionality. You can also increase your video broadcast and advertise on the Toggle section. As a result, you’ll be able to interact with a larger audience, be visited by more people, and get more messages.

When dealing with a young audience, moderation is critical. The company has heavily invested in authentic moderation procedures and enforced strict guidelines. Yubo verifies your age at registration to ensure you’re in the appropriate demographic.