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Why Asot Michael is Advocating for Better Use of Resources in Antigua and Barbuda

Corruption and poor utilization of resources are some of the major problems that have been facing most of the developing countries around the world for many years. There is a feeling that there are very few operational aspects that have been incorporated to help deal with most of the challenges that most individuals have been experiencing in their daily lives. However, there are some leaders who want to address such issues (Pinterest). 


Since he was elected as a member of parliament in Antigua and Barbuda, Asot Michael has always been communicating about the proper utilization of the resources that the country has been generating. There has always been a feeling that the government has not been utilizing most of the resources that it has been generating as most of the people within the Antigua & Barbuda country have been expecting. According to Asot Michael, most people lack the aspect of being responsible in any role they have been given. This is the main reason why a huge number of political leaders do not work towards finding some of the necessary strategies that can help them to deal with most of the complex issues in the community. 


This is something that helps to solve some of the major challenges that the country has been working to solve for a lengthy period. Lack of responsibility is something that has really been a major problem in the country because it has been perpetuating the poor utilization of the country’s resources. Most of the people in the country are not asking too much from the government. They only want most of the political and economic challenges to be professionally addressed, as this will help in ensuring most of these problems have been addressed. In his part, Asot Michael wants to execute all the roles and duties that he has been offered by the people working in his organization. This is something that he has been incorporating for very many years and which he hopes to address with time. Making sure that most of the issues discussed above are respected and professionally addressed is a very unique and essential approach that helps the country to move in the right direction.