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Who Is Edgard Corona? Everything That You Should Know

Edgard Corona is a booming business mogul famous for establishing businesses and guiding them to success. He is the founder and CEO of Bio Ritmo, which gave birth to Smartfit, one of the largest gym chains in Brazil and South America. His active engagement in the company’s activities earned them more than R1 billion dollars in revenue in 2017.

Edgard Corona founded Bio Ritmo in 1996. Back then, he worked as a chemical engineer at Corona Family’s sugar mills in Brazil. His lack of knowledge and experience in the fitness industry saw the company make enormous errors for the first 12 years. Still, with patience, the company transformed to become a giant in the fitness sector famous worldwide.

With more than two million students in 12 countries, SmartFit plans to reshape the health club industry that has remained untapped for decades. The company introduced new training machines with the latest features to enable their learners to get the best experience. The company has opened branches in several Latin American countries like Columbia to increase its reach all over.

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Smartfit registered a positive growth daily. From records, Smartfit opened a new unit every 16 hours in Brazil. However, the pandemic put a halt on all businesses, with the most affected being fitness providers.

Edgard Corona announced that Smartfit would close all its units to reduce the spread of the deadly virus. By mid-March, branches began to be closed, and collection of fees was frozen. However, as a visionary leader, Edgard Corona launched a new digital program to engage thousands of students who were part of the gym.

The program involves administering free online classes where students are taught how to exercise using weights and materials available to them. The company is also collaborating with scientists and gym instructors on ensuring that health protocols are observed once regular classes resume. Refer to this page for additional information