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Tieks Profound Milestones In Business Ventures Under The Leadership Of Kfir Gavrieli


Tieks is a renowned footwear company initiated by Kfir Gavrieli. Over the years, the company has significantly scaled to carve a niche market and reposition itself as a go-to-market. In 2008, the company further increased its odds of success by initiating exclusive women flats. The new high-end products swiftly became a possible market fit. Sure, the company boasts as the first brand to establish itself without brick-and-mortar outlets.

Kfir Gavrieli leveraged his resources and expertise to spearhead the company into global prominence. And yes, the footwear brand is well-known for designing top-notch Italian leather ladies’ shoes and marketing them through its website.

Furthermore, Kfir Gavrieli stands out in building a successful brand and helping the company initiate a great product. The brand has served as a viable opportunity to support a wide range of philanthropic deeds to the businessman. Tieks inspired the establishment of the Gavrieli Foundation and its ventures with KIVA. Nevertheless, the band prides itself in supporting aspiring women entrepreneurs to carve niche opportunities in thriving and emerging markets.

With three degrees from Stanford University, the entrepreneur demonstrates his prowess in nurturing businesses to prominence. Kfir Gavrieli also flaunts a successful career trajectory in several niche fields, including technology, real estate, hedge fund, and venture capital.

The rise of the COVID-19 saw the footwear brand venture producing conventional masks for healthcare providers. Tieks ability to work as a team played an integral part in fulfilling its goal of sewing and donating over one million face masks. Kfir Gavrieli and Tieks demonstrated acts of heroism during the pandemic by supporting healthcare providers.

Sure, the brand reoriented its business to play a crucial part in helping protect healthcare professionals. The company’s CEO, Gavrieli Tieks, purchased several sewing machines and leveraged the brand’s headquarters to sew and donate critical face masks to Los Angeles County health workers. Visit this page for more information.


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