The Past, Present, And Future Of Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnWith his unmatched know-how, entrepreneurial spirit, and tremendous experience, Ross Levinsohn is an indispensable asset to the business realm. His professional journey began in 1990, and he’s remained on the up and up since starting his career three decades ago. With his expertise in digital marketing, sports media, content management, and television production, Levinsohn’s held numerous titles across various industries. It’s for this reason why he’s regarded as a multifaceted businessman.

These days, many know Ross Levinsohn as the CEO of Maven, but his roots are tied to HBO. It was here where Levinsohn honed his leadership, production, and marketing skills. For six years, Levinsohn made a renowned name for himself, which paved the way for even bigger opportunities. In the coming years, Levinsohn would serve as the VP, general manager, and managing director of several companies. Before long, he was at the helm of Fox Interactive Media.

During his time as the company’s president, Levinsohn gained a tremendous amount of confidence and experience. With that said, he felt equipped to embark on an entrepreneurial journey years later. In 2014, Levinsohn created Whisper Advisors with help from his business partner. This strategic advisory firm helps business executives reach their highest potential, highlighting Levinsohn’s commitment to his craft and fellow businesspeople.

Most recently, Levinsohn was named the newest CEO of Maven. Before earning this feather in his cap, he worked for Sports Illustrated, Thryv, Tribune Publishing, and ZEFR. Though Levinsohn is currently on top of his game, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. As his knowledge and passions continue to expand, we can expect Levinsohn to do even greater things in the future.