Business Leader, Randal Nardone

The Mind of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone holds the distinction of being a CEO, Director and Principal at Fortress Investment Group LLC, which he has been involved with since 2006. Apart from this, Randal Nardone also sits on the board of several other firms including but not limited to Eurocastle Investment Ltd., Fortress Macro Advisors LLC, Seacastle Inc, Florida East Railway Corp, Springleaf REIT, Inc and New Fortress Energy LLC. In 2007, he achieved the distinction of being ranked at position 557 on Forbes Billionaires List.

Prior to all this success, Nardone attended the University of Connecticut where he secured a B.A. in English/Biology. He would go on to the Boston University, School of Law where he would graduate with a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree. Though his degree would easily send him down a path of working in law, his interests lied in asset management.

At Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone has displayed a unique attitude towards achieving his targets. He is known to be involved in some of the most successful moves of the firm, even when his motives seem to be misunderstood by stakeholders. One of his most prominent successes was with American General Financial Services. Not only did he lead the acquisition, but with his direction he managed to increase the organization’s value by a multiple of twenty-seven, a feat which had never previously been recorded and more

Another risk taken by Randal Nardone was the decision to get Fortress Investment Group listed on the stock market. Based on the nature of the business (alternative investment), it was expected that the company would slowly crumble. However, the result was a surge in growth that resulted in more clients and investors. Randal Nardone was also a key factor in the 2017 acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank Group, a Japanese firm. Many stakeholders viewed this decision as a huge mistake as they did not understand the vision that Nardone possessed. Randal went on record to explain his motive, citing that the idea is for Fortress Investment Group to be able to leverage the existing large client base of Softbank. Randal Nardone continues to be a business visionary.