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Stephen Bittel On Growth And Advice To Entrepreneurs

Terranova is a sure leader in the real estate sector of investment. It is one of the biggest firms in South Florida and the country boasting a selection of assets worth billions of dollars under its management. The firm was started by Stephen Bittel while he was still in university pursuing his law degree, working to build the company in his early years. The company now boasts well-known, high-worth individuals including banks as clients.

Terranova had humble beginnings and despite starting by operating a small commercial holding for a minor partnership, it has developed to a base of a couple of millions of square feet and brought up office buildings, parks, open-air shopping centers, and other multi-family assets. Bittel and the corporation have stayed at the forefront by paying attention to changes in market scenarios and acting accordingly to guide their subsequent investments.

The company is currently in its fourth decade of operation and is planning to expand its range of portfolios to other geographically diverse interests in commercial real estate as well as other operating businesses. Bittel is a native of Miami, something he is proud of, and claims he never saw himself as an entrepreneur earlier on neither had he planned to be one. He had seen himself becoming a lawyer and following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

He received a fellowship that allowed him study abroad where he created connections that saw him start Terranova. On returning, his working at a real estate firm is what pushed him to venture into the space on realizing he was good at it. He recalls a number of projects Terranova is currently involved in and urges budding and seasoned entrepreneurs to practice integrity alongside empathy towards others and an unyielding drive to keep them pushing and growing.

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