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Having owned 480 gyms worldwide, Edgard Corona has been able to earn roughly one billion dollars within the year 2017. Edgard was always best skilled in the entrepreneur field, while in college he easily acquired a materials analysis laboratory. This lab allowed Edgard to cook up his own connections, resulting in his own stores. Soon enough Edgard sold those businesses and started working for his family within their own sugar mill. Edgard being the entrepreneur he is, soon joined alliances with the gym he had become part of while working for his family. This investment soon turned into the first Bio Ritmo academy.

Edgard Corona founded the Bio Ritmo chain in 1996, which he is now the commander of, as well as the Smartfit Group organization. The Bio Ritmo began in Santo Amaro from only a single unit that has no clue about branding. Edgard Corona eventually rose into the CEO spotlight and was soon known exclusively as the main name of the group.

Becoming known as the CEO, Edgard Corona soon was able to grow the SmartFit business more effectively with having such a high amount of support standing behind his work. Bringing in roughly 1.6 million students, SmartFit soon had control over the market within Latin America. This business endeavor did indeed reshape the way people were exercising throughout the country and placed huge amounts of pressure to change on the entire market. AS it is today, Edgard’s businesses have the utmost potential to soar up to a thousand and, or even two thousand, gyms over the next couple of years.

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