Robinson Helicopter Continues to Produce Some of the Highest Quality Helicopters in the Industry

Robinson HelicopterThe team at Robinson Helicopter has been making a difference in the helicopter industry since its 1973 launch by company founder Frank Robinson. When Robinson founded Robinson Helicopter, he did so with a desire to create reliable helicopters of high quality while also offering a product that is cost-effective.

The Robinson Helicopter team unveiled their first product offering in 1979. This was the popular R22. The model is notable for having a cost that is lower than many similar options. Its design is notable for its simplicity. R22 models are also notable for their ease of maintenance.

During the years that Robinson Helicopter has been in business, there have been many notable accomplishments. These include the company receiving an FAA production certificate in 1981 that allowed it to engage in inspections and testing. 1985 was a notable year because the company delivered its five-hundredth R22. In 1991, the company achieved a new production rate. During that year, its R22 product included the manufacture of 402 units. In 1997, the team was presented with an ISO 9001 cert. This was presented for the design and manufacturing of helicopters. 1999 saw the team celebrate the delivery of its three-thousandth R22. In 2019, the company proudly celebrated the forty-year anniversary of the launch of the R22 helicopter model. April of 2021 marked the delivery of the company’s thirteen-thousandth helicopter.

Robinson Helicopter

One of the biggest pieces of recent news to come out of the Robinson team is the announcement that the University of North Dakota will add a fifth R44 Cadet helicopter to the training fleet that it uses for helicopter pilot training. This is yet another testament to the quality of product that the company is renowned for.