Business Leader, Peter Briger

Peter Briger: The Forbes Billionaire Business Leader With Active Support For Social Change

Most of the important improvements, progress and success attributed to a company may most likely come from the leadership of its executives. It’s the leaders who take the risks to develop new ideas, find better solutions and master the skills to improve the company. It is these leaders that can bring the company to where it intends to be in the future. It is the fascination and curiosity of such business leaders that can get them to find new ways to address business challenges. Of all the new business leaders rising today, one name stands out: Pete Briger, or commonly known today as the man in the list of Forbes Top 400 Business Professionals.

In the official website of Pete or Peter Briger, it is released that his dedication to the company he co-founded Fortress Investment Group, has never been more refined, passionate, and sustained. Before being the leader who has grown Fortress Investment to what it is now, he used to work for 15 years at Goldman, Sachs & Co. He had been so dedicated to his career there that in 1996, he eventually became a partner in the firm.

Some of the positions that he held during his term in the company include being a member of various committees, including the Global Control and Compliance Committee, Asian Management Committee and Japan Executive Committee. Peter Briger’s involvement there had totally honed his leadership skills, communications network, and ability to blend the right ideas to achieve company targets. Later, all these ideas have been used to form the foundation of Fortress Investment Group, LLC, of which Peter Briger is the Principal and Co-chairman of the Board of Directors.

People could also get a good idea about where the heart of Peter Briger is today by learning about the charity groups and advocates that he supports. For starters, Briger is an active supporter of the non-profit group, Tipping Point, which is based in San Francisco. It is an organization that assists the cultural and social needs of low-income families in the city.

Another charity or non-profit work that Briger is working on right now is the Caliber Schools. This network of schools assists the young students in America in getting the right knowledge, assistance, and networks to educate them on what college to choose when they finally decide on their four-year college life. Truly, Peter Briger is an active man. It’s also a source of inspiration for many that his active work doesn’t stop in commercial pursuits, but also extends in developing the communities that support his projects.