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Michigan’s Peter Vitale Warns Drivers, Gives Pro Tips On Driving During Winter

It is not always easy for someone however experienced he or she is to give unsolicited advice. However, things are different with one person. Peter Vitale, the Michigan-based motor vehicle insurance expert, does not keep information to himself. The insurance broker and dealer understands the dangers of careless driving thus he goes ahead to advise his clients. Of interest to Peter Vitale is not only how motorists should behave when driving in Michigan streets when the weather is conducive but during winter.

Speaking recently during a motor vehicle insurance workshop held in Michigan, Peter Vitale gave drivers tips, which he considered life-saving to those that drive during winter. Mr. Vitale says that he is saddened by the number of rising cases of motor vehicle accidents and several insurance claims that take a sharp surge during winter. To what appears to Peter Vitale as a sharp contrast, the insurance expert agrees that many people are used to doing their various businesses during winter. In other words, Mr. Vitale says the people of Michigan are not new to snow. However, he is shocked with the rising cases of roadside stress and claims insurance firms receive each month.

Occasioned by what his firm and other insurance houses in Michigan are recording, Peter goes ahead to provide fellow drivers with industry tips that will help those driving during the wet climatic conditions. One of the advices Peter gives drivers is to avoid driving on major roads. While he agrees that it would be difficult for many to avoid driving on major roads, Peter knows one thing – it is possible to use roads that are hardly used by motorists. Mr. Vitale goes ahead to tell his fellow road users to keep a constant watch of their feet. Essentially, Peter tells drivers to be keen on how they use the brake and gas pedals.

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