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 Kevin Seawright Helps Baltimore Residents Become Homeowners

Baltimore is one of those East Coast cities that does not get the respect it deserves, according to Entrepreneur and investor Mr. Kevin Seawright. The people who live and work in Baltimore say the city has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to buying a home for the first time. One advantage first-time buyers have in Baltimore’s real estate market is following the advice of Kevin Seawright.

Philadelphia-born Kevin Seawright has an impressive resume. Mr. Seawright has a Master’s degree in business administration, and he put that education to good use when he founded RPS Solutions in 2015. RPS Solutions finds affordable housing for first-time buyers. But Kevin also acts as a voice for the Baltimore community in order to secure federal and city funding for community-inspired initiatives.  Follow  Kevin Seawright on his Twitter

Before Seawright focused on finding homes for first-time buyers, he held several leadership roles in the city’s local government. Thanks to the non-profit degree Seawright earned at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College, so he has the right knowledge to function in the non-profit business world, as well as in the trenches of the real estate market.

Seawright’s goal is to educate first-time home buyers. But he also helps people invest in the real estate market. Mr. Seawright is an entrepreneur who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping the community reach another level of financial security.

Some of Kevin’s daily habit inspiration comes from an article written by U.K. entrepreneur .  dresses his financial businesses decisions in positivity. That positivity starts with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Believes a healthy body and mind are essential ingredients in any entrepreneur’s business plan. Kevin Seawright uses information from a variety of sources to help people become successful real estate investors. Helping people makes Seawright get up in the morning.

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