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Jay Holstine CEO Experience in Demand in Uncertain Economic Times

He created three successful companies in the tech sector and exited each with a robust outcome. Now experienced software CEO and start-up mogul Jay Holstine wants to help as many others as possible to do the same.

For Holstine, it’s all about leadership. That means developing strategies to motivate employees, executing revenue enhancement programs and rolling out powerful sales objectives — and a lot more.

Jay Holstine is currently managing director at Compass Advisory Consultants. He also serves as the chair of Vistage. He has helped 30% of his clients achieve successful business creation and exit scenarios. That has made him among the most in-demand executive coaches and motivational speakers in America today. Learn more about Jay Holstine

Among the techniques he teaches are company restructuring, employee team building and going after investment capital successfully.

Holstine’s skills and experience are in more demand than ever in the current economic climate characterized by volatility, upheaval, supply chain nightmares, shortages and difficulty in hiring workers and top talent.

It’s a time when company leaders need to think outside the box to solve vexing problems. The point, for Holstine, is that there are always solutions if you adopt the correct approach to find your way through the thickets.

He said CEOs today must be more employee-focused than ever before. As businesses face challenging times – so do their employees. Much of what a CEO does is to provide the creative space, the motivation and the steady leadership that allows teams to meet those challenges and thrive.