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Jason Hope Advocated for IoT and Anti-aging Solutions

Jason Hope is one of the individuals who have proposed to use the internet to their advantage. He is also a reliable figure when it comes to predicting the future of the technological world. The businessman, a holder of an MBA from W.P. Carey Business School, has dedicated his career towards entrepreneurship, investment and philanthropy. Most people have always found the thought process of Jason Hope quite fascinating, making him a reliable individual on matters of technology. One of the fastest-growing technologies in the world today is the Internet of Things (IoT). One of the advantages of this technology, as explained by Hope, is that it gives people control over their surroundings. 


Jason Hope


Before most people came to know about the Internet of  Things, successful businessman and entrepreneur Jason Hope had already talked about it and predicted that someday it would take over the world. Today as the Internet of Things technology spreads across the globe, those who doubted his predictions now appreciate his knowledge and predictions in the technological world. Further, he still foresees a situation whereby finally everything will be interconnected. The interconnection will lead to proper management of the daily tasks in life. While homes are expected to be the biggest beneficiaries of this technology, even the healthcare field will become a beneficiary. IoT will soon become the source of life longevity as people can control their health and wellness.


Jason Hope is also passionate about anti-aging, and for this reason, he is actively involved with SENS Research Foundation. In 2010, he donated funds to the foundation to boost their mission and help them achieve their goals regarding anti-aging. One of the ventures of the foundation is to cure the aging process in which Jason Hope is really interested in. To accomplish this, the foundation has based its focus on the primary cause of aging, which is usually diseases resulting from aging. One of the things that are clear about Jason Hope is that his support is towards enhancing humanity through IoT and SENS.