National Steel Car Shines Again Under CEO Gregory Aziz

Gregory Aziz is the chairman and the chief executive officer of National Steel Car. He joined National Steel Car in 1994 after he bought it from Dofasco. Dofasco had acquired the corporation in 1961. Since Gregory J Aziz took over the management of the corporation, National Steel Car has been on a major transformation. It is changing its operations by adopting innovation and diversification and means of expanding its business operations. National Steel Car is the best engineering and manufacturing corporation in Canada. It has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. Established in 1912, National Steel Car has been operating for more than a hundred years successfully. It has never closed down for all the years.


Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian businessman and an economist. Greg has a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. He had also schooled at Ridley College. Greg was born in Ontario in April 1949. From a young age, he showed the ability to manage a business. The education system was more of a sharpening tool since he was already brilliant. Greg Aziz graduated from University of Western Ontario in 1971 and immediately joined his family-owned business for work. His family owned food wholesales business in Ontario. Refer to This Site.


Greg Aziz works in the food business company; Affiliated Foods showed good results after a few years. The company was booming with activities. It had expanded its operation to more areas in Canada and the United States. With the expansion of business, they had to look for alternative source of their product. Affiliated Foods started importing food from South America and Europe. It eventually became the largest importer of food in Canada.


As an economist, Gregory J Aziz worked in the banking industry in New York. He worked for several investment banks. He was able to strengthen his experience and skills on financial matters. While working in the investment sector, he met Dofasco, who were the owners of the National Steel Car at that time. He agreed to buy the corporation since the former owners were not able to run it successfully. When he bought National Steel Car, he had one vision of transforming its operations. He wanted to make the swindling star of the corporation bright again. For a company 100-year-old, there was a need to ensure that it retained its glory as an industrial mark of resilience.


Today, National Steel Car is ISO certified, meaning it is compliant with the regulations of the industry. It has also won TTX SECO award for quality in over a decade consecutively.

The History Of National Steel Car And How Greg Aziz Took Over

National Steel Car is one of the oldest companies in the history of Canada. Located in Hamilton, Canada, it is one of the remaining few rolling stock companies that operate in Canada and the greater Northern America region. National Steel Car has a market in Canada and the United States of America. National Steel Car deals with the production of railroad freight cars. They also deal with the production of various parts of the rail systems products.


The National Steel Car has a long history. It was established over one hundred years ago in 1912. Its first owners were Sir John Morison Gibson together with Magor Car Corporation. Basil Magor was to become the first General Manager of the company after it was established. The first few years of its operations recorded some of the biggest sales ever. Orders in the rolling stock industry were at an all-time high during this period. The first huge client for the corporation was Canadian Pacific Railway. It had made a very large order for boxcars. Following this brilliant start of business, the corporation was able to establish its name in the engineering and manufacturing industry. Up to date, a century later, the company is still doing well.


National Steel Car has undergone through various stages of hardships and success. In the 1930s, National Steel Car suffered its first challenging experience. Due to competition from other rolling stock companies and the economic depression at the time, it suffered from a huge shortage of orders. The company was greatly affected since they had not taken time to think of diversification as a means of overcoming hardships. Their one line of business was hurting them, and they had to make hard decisions that included resorting back to manufacturing bus bodies, motor boats and motor trucks. However, the Second World War would come to their rescue. Due to the war, there was an influx of orders once again. The company picked itself up from that point and has never faced such a huge challenge in its operations again. Find Related Information Here.


Who is Greg Aziz?


Gregory J Aziz has since 1994 been the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of NSC (National Steel Corporation). He bought the railroad manufacturing company in 18994 from Dofasco. Since taking over, he has changed the way the company used to do business. Now the company has a high production capability as well as a huge number of workers. Gregory J Aziz is from Ontario, Canada. He lives with his wife, Irene.

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