Bob Reina takes his top-notch skills to HuffPost’s articles

In the recent past, Talk Fusion’s CEO has brought his expertise in the marketing and technology to HuffPost. Since 2016, the successful CEO has continued to release articles through the platform. To Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO, the regular articles are crucial in the marketing of his venture as well as engages his clientele in helpful discussions. However, from HuffPost’s point of view, Reina’s articles are among the few articles playing a significant role in rebranding the platform that recently changed its name from Huffington. Learn more:



Professionally, both Reina’s and HuffPost’s missions converge at one point as they are both obsessed in assisting those in the society who have been neglected. Since early ages, Bob Reina was obsessed with initiating strategies that would see people in the community succeed without necessarily minding their locality. Therefore, a platform such as HuffPost suits him best as he can reach a broad audience with helpful ideas. Reina’s articles range from various areas from technology to entrepreneurship.



About Talk Fusion

It takes a great passion for seeing a simple idea grow into a successful venture. For Bob Reina, Talk Fusion was just a simple idea that any ordinary man would take for granted. Back in 2004, the successful entrepreneur was touring North Carolina when he made a short video of his potential new home. Filled with joy, Bob wanted to share the clip with his family, but AOL email could not facilitate the sharing. Bob felt that there was a gap that should be filled hence approached Dr Jonathan Chen, an IT guru with the idea. As a result, Talk Fusion was born in 2007. Learn more:



Today, the business world is so competitive and calls for everyone to be smart to survive in the harsh world. However, Bob Reina’s venture has come to the rescue of many entrepreneurs. Today, Talk Fusion is referred as an all-in-one video marketing platform. Since establishment, Reina and his team have been dedicated to assisting businesses to stand out from the crowd while accumulating profits and incredible customer base. Today, Talk Fusion boasts of having associates in more than 140 countries that facilitate in the marketing. Besides, Talk Fusion has a reputation of involvements in charitable acts around the world. Learn more:


Tim Armour, the Greatest of all Time

Many people have heard about the greatness of Timothy Armour. As alumni of the Middlebury College, Tim has ventured forth into business and succeeded due to his background knowledge in Economics. Holding various titles in the business world, Mr. Timothy Armour has emerged as a dominant force when it comes to corporate leadership. With years of experience in investment and equities, Timothy has held the bar of corporations like the Capital Group sky high. Since joining the institution in 1983, Timothy has helped the company expand in both scale and size. He has also risen through the ranks to become Capital Group‘s Chairman, Director, and the Principal Executive Officer.

Since Tim Armour is a real titan in the investment field, he has offered his positive sentiments towards Warren Buffet’s recent investment strategy. According to the billionaire investor, the time has come when people must deviate from investing in hedge funds and adopt the passive index fund form of investment. Some of the reasons that have made Buffet condemn investments in hedge funds is the fact that they are too expensive to manage and that they take too long to pay off. Due to excessive trading and the high management fees that are involved, hedge funds seem not to impress Warren Buffet at all. However, Timothy Armour, on the other hand, thinks that as a serious investor, one should not dwell much on active or passive strategies but rather on a form of saving that will help cushion you from the hard times associated with retirement life and learn more about Timothy.

Although both of Tim and Buffets ideas stand as true, no one has been able to make a blueprint when it comes to investing in funds. To this end, Armour’s experience in investments has helped him identify two notions that have made him thrive all through. Tim’s success has mainly come from engaging in investments that are low on expenses but high in manager ownership. Thus, identifying what other successful investors have done is the key to thriving as an entrepreneur. Prior research is paramount if you want to make it in life just like Timothy Armour and Warren Buffet.

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