Dick DeVos and the Beauty of Change

Dick DeVos has been a well-known figure in Grand Rapids, Michigan for decades and decades now. There were talks in the city about constructing a convention and sports arena close to the downtown area in the beginning of the nineties. DeVos, however, had major concerns about the whole concept. That’s the reason he immediately got to work on fighting it. DeVos was already a busy professional back then. That was when who was close to securing the CEO position with Amway Corp. He thought that the new center would be damaging to the city’s downtown section. These concerns stemmed from things he learned by witnessing the building of the Palace of Auburn Hills and even the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, Michigan. These construction projects did not fare well for the people of Detroit.


DeVos is the kind of person who routinely speaks up for the things that he believes in. He, at the other end of the spectrum, is also a person who isn’t at all afraid to speak out against the things that he wishes to minimize or eliminate. His wife Betsy is a lot like him in that sense. That’s why the pair have been tireless political forces in the United States for quite a long period of time now. They regularly focus on educational matters of all kinds. They’re genuine educational reform supporters. Although they’re undoubtedly enthusiastic about educational subjects of all varieties, they’re not at all limited to them. Dick and Betsy DeVos are a duo who also put a lot of focus on healthcare in the United States. They’ve donated money to building plans for children’s hospitals, first and foremost. They’ve made similar donations to causes that involve the enormous and growing medical field.


Dick DeVos is someone who wants to see the airport that serves Grand Rapids do better. He wishes to enhance Western Michigan air travel in a meaningful way. He directly contacted AirTran Airways’ CEO a few years back as well. The objective behind this telephone call was actually to encourage the executive to take action for the airport. Gerald R. Ford International Airport needed in-depth attention from someone who could help and make a tangible difference. DeVos actually got the CEO to agree to meeting him. The CEO, because of that, headed to the city on his own. This was the beginning of many positive changes for the airport in Grand Rapids.


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