When High-Tech Meets Medicine- with Brazilian Cardiologist Jorge Moll

In Brazil, medicine is slowly becoming better, updated, more well-developed, and this is thanks to researchers and doctors that are improving the reach of the Brazilian medicine. How are they doing that?


The cardiologist Jorge Moll spoke about his visions for the future of medicine in Brazil. According to the entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist and renowned cardiologist, technology is, more than ever, walking hands-by-hands with the national medicine. More and more, the use of high-tech machinery, analyzers, sensors, and even the use of smartphones and tablets to increase the comfort of the patients, all of these factors are becoming more present in what you can expect from a visit to the doctor.


As a cardiologist, technology is one of the most important aspects of Jorge Moll’s work. High-tech sensors have improved the work of the doctor drastically, as they allow for quicker and easier-to-analyze diagnosis in real-time (https://globoplay.globo.com/v/6198243/). Jorge Moll has stated himself that the arrival of new tools is always a time to celebrate, because of the many opportunities that technology can open. New therapies and treatments are always in the corner, and technology allows for national professionals in distinct fields to also devote themselves to research, something that Brazil was definitely lacking.


Jorge Moll Neto, hold very dearly by his co-workers and patients, is also the co-founder of one of the biggest hospital networks in Brazil: The D’Or hospital chain (Diasdacruz).


As one of the most respected and influential professionals in the field, Jorge Moll Neto has stated, with extreme confidence, that the future for Brazilian medicine lies in the use of updated technology and in maintaining the high-quality teaching in medical education.


Brazil already has some of the best Universities in Latin America, like USP (University of São Paulo) and Unicamp (University of Campinas), two of the most renowned Schools of Medicines that the continent can offer. It is just a matter of time until these great students are paired up with the best technology available, and medicine can progress to new treatments and therapies.


Jorge Moll is currently the owner of the biggest chain of Hospitals in the national territory.



Success Story And Makeovers Of Obsidian Energy

At the moment, the energy industry is undergoing several transforms, and several companies are coming up to facilitate production and supply of energy. The sector contributes a lot especially at this time when the globe is resorting to the use of clean energy. Even though there exists a lot of benefits realized from working in the sector, the firm may have to undergo several transformations before getting to the level characterized by a smooth operation. Obsidian Energy is one of the businesses. It is worth acknowledging the fact that it has undergone several transformations and renaming before getting to its current position of service.


Initially, the firm was referred to as Penn West Petroleum. At the moment, it has the strategies in place to ensure the pursuit of the modest growth for some period. Such times features a tight budget expenditure concerning the price of gas and oil. It is notable that the outcome of the voting that the shareholders executed expressed a ninety-two percent favoring the decision renaming it to Obsidian Energy from its Penn West.


Worth appreciation is the administrative leadership led by Dave French who serves as the Chief Executive Officer. In his opinion, the choice of the name was done on the view that obsidian refers to a volcanic glass that occurs naturally. There is also the potential of sharpening and honing it.


In its course of existence, Obsidian Energy has continually thrived through the high levels of debt as well as a scandal associated with accounting. The scandal led to lawsuits from the settled investors. At some point, the obligation of the company rose. As a result, the leadership and stakeholders considered it a wise strategy to minimize the net budget. They did this by selling out certain debt. At the same time, it kept shaping its concentration on four central areas of production from the total that exceeded thirty.


Additionally, it initially had about a thousand and four hundred employees but considered it another strategy bringing it down to three-hundred. The firm has, therefore, been through a lot about its duty of production. This implies Obsidian already gained experience that can be handy to it significantly in its course of service.


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The Unique Approach by Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is ranked as an intermediate-sized company in the production of oil and gas. The company’s portfolio is well balanced with the best quality assets recognized by many people. It is through these assets that the company is able to give a platform that delivers credible results. Discipline and relentless passion are one of the key values that have driven the company to its success and accountability to both their shareholders and partners.


The company is located in Calgary. It was formerly called Penn West Exploration Ltd. But through consultation between the shareholders and stakeholders the company’s name was changed to Penn West Petroleum. It was not long that the company later decided to change the company name from Penn West Petroleum to Penn West Energy Trust due to change of company product production. Later, the company started producing a wide variety of product such as oil and natural gas hence naming the company Obsidian Energy its current name.


Obsidian Energy company was one among the sixty best and largest companies in exchanging Toronto Stock. The company reached its peak during the year 2005 to 2011 when it was the Canadian Royalty Trust in market capitalization. In 2014, the price of crude oil went down significantly leading the company to a great loss. It experienced a lot of difficulties in running its operations and financial deals. However, the company used its best and quality assets to restructure again.


The fields of extracting gas and oil from Obsidian’s company are found in Albert, next to Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is ranked as the world’s biggest petroleum reserves. There is a tremendous increase in production of petroleum products within the three main areas in Albert; the Albert Viking, Peace River oil sands, and Pembina Cardium. See This Page to Learn More.


Recently, Obsidian Energy reemerged to be stronger than ever before. It seems it has learned to overcome challenges through the difficulties it has faced and now is more capable of running its business better than ever. This is what triggered the company’s shareholders and partners to change the company’s name to Obsidian Energy Ltd.


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