Glen Wakeman helping businesses thrive

Glen Wakeman is a globally recognized successful Financial Services Executive. He has amassed over 21 years of management experience while at General Electric. Glen Wakeman is focused helping entrepreneurs grow their business and he does that by improving company agility through a methodology he has discovered that improves 5 key parts of performance: Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management, and Governance.


Glen Wakeman is the founder and president of Nova Four, which is a company that provides capital for developing companies. He offers CEO coaching and board duties to ensure the improvements made stay forever. Glen Wakeman works with entrepreneurs through his startup, LaunchPad Toolkit. LaunchPad offers a variety of business strategies services through a website.


He has established companies all over the world including Latin America. As part of General Electric, he built a 9 country operation in Latin America, generating $2 billion in revenues and employing 17,000 employees. He has launched new products, created dozens of partnerships ( While at General Electric he was also General Director of GE Capital, Global Insurance Ventures in the London office. Glen Wakeman has lived in six countries and overseen operations in more than 30 countries. Because of his success, GE’s Board of Directors recognized him as a Growth Leadership role model.


Glen Wakeman earned his Master’s in Business from the University of Chicago and his Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Scranton. Each work day, Glen Wakeman meets with his partner and divides up the daily duties including setting up sales, managing admin duties. They also spend time researching analyze current trends and recent competition. Glen Wakeman has said that his best habit is his sense of curiosity. His curiosity gives her the drive to work on problem-solving, innovation and customer satisfaction.


Growing up, Glen Wakeman has had a variety of jobs, including cleaning bathrooms at an auto parts factory (AffiliateDork). Wakeman described it as filthy and dirty but says he learned that there is dignity in any type of work and that he should never take any opportunity for granted. For those looking to follow in his steps, he says that people should keep track of all the acquaintances and friend you meet.