The Life and Career of Geologist and Financial Expert, Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an experienced geologist who has examined all types of geological data. As a wealth strategist and financial analyst, Badiali is well versed in natural resource investing. He has studied natural resources for more than twenty years. He started his career as a scientist and has a B.S. in earth sciences acquired from Penn State University. He also attended the University of North Carolina where he became interested in finance. He was an environmental geologist in Miami but found greater purpose in the world of finance. Badiali also holds a Masters of Geology from Florida Atlantic University.

Badiali teaches at the University of North Carolina. He’s the Editor of the Real Wealth Strategist at Banyan Hill Provides natural resource stock recommendations. Banyan Hill takes pride in offering alternative guidance from mainstream financial media. He is also editor of the S&A Resource Report and contributes to Growth Stock Wire where he discusses profitable opportunities to trade. Badiali came to these publications with a host of experience from consulting, inspecting, and working directly on oil drill rig sites.

Badiali received a call from a financial expert on how to invest in mining, natural resources, and energy. The financial expert felt it was necessary to have a geologist on board and he also wanted extraordinary returns on his investment. From oil wells to gold mines, Badiali has traveled the world to investigate sites himself and ensure that data on paper proved true to what is on site. During his career, he has visited Hong Kong, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Singapore, Turkey, Switzerland, among other sites. Badiali offers real wealth Strategist, an opportunity to follow him closely as he investigates oil projects and mines.

Matt Badiali has become known for his successful high double-digit and triple digit gains. Badiali has predicted the rise of successful companies such as Jinshan Gold Mines, Northern Dynasty Minerals, and Silver Wheaton. Badiali has been able to sell his research to the top investors in the world. He’s stated that he’s excited about the rise of a world centered around electric energy consumption. He feels that the shift towards this lifestyle will be realized when we’re able to power a city with a small battery.