Securus Technologies Securing the Prisons and Correctional Facilities in the US

Securus Technologies is among the top technology provider in the prisons and correctional facilities across the country. The company had recently introduced their video visitation services in prisons and had got an overwhelming response. The company is investing in newer technology and services so that they can provide services that ease the tasks of the prison management and help them manage the prisoners in a better way. The company not only believes in introducing new technology but also aims to educate people about its uses and how to use them to their advantage. For example, Securus Technologies recently started a campaign promoting their video visitation services. After the successful launch of the campaign, the number of people trying video visitation increased. Apart from allowing the prisoners to become part of the lives of their loved ones, but also reduce the work of prison staffs that need to guard the visitations that require a lot of workforces.


I work at a prison as a guard and have seen the benefits that Securus Technologies offers to the prisoners and the prison staff alike. Prisoners can see their families without the need of them driving to the facility. It helps saves time and their money. The best part is that it reduces our workload as we do not have to spend time on taking the prisoners to and fro the visitation area anymore. I have seen prisoners attending their kid’s birthday parties and also look at their kids’ graduate right from the prison that gives them the motivation to stay clean once they get out.


Securus Technologies is continuously improving the services that they offer to prisons. They have recently introduced educational program allowing the prisoners to get certification by completing specific courses while inside the prison. It would be beneficial for them as they would be employable as soon as they leave the prison.