Market Timing Advice from Paul Mamphilly

The stock market is an attractive investment, but the catch to making more money is learning how to select stocks that can appreciate. Paul Mamphilly has honed this skill over the years and can predict the stock performance even before it takes off. For Paul to get this point, he had to research intensively and practice consistently.

Paul Mamphilly is a decorated investment professional and entrepreneur. He is the proprietor of Profits Unlimited, a company dedicated to educating others on the stock market. With over 25 years in Business, Paul has registered impressive returns on his investments. He invested in Netflix in 2008 when the share price was less than 19 dollars and sold his stake when the price appreciated. By 2009, the share price had increased peaking at over 60 dollars per share. In 2012, Paul identified Sarepta Therapeutics, a company that was in the process of manufacturing a drug for muscular dystrophy. He invested in the company and sold his share a year later to earn of over 2000% of the initial investment.

Through his business, Paul hopes to inspire others to make bold moves in the stock market and business. Currently, he recommends that potential investors focus on emerging segments being driven by the current demand patterns. As such, he forecasts significant returns in investments in precision medicine, food delivery services, and electric vehicles. The demand for food delivery services is as a result of increased markets due to the growing population of millennials who prefer the services. However, unlike the current generations, millennials prioritize healthy options over fast foods or snacks. A company that can tap into these needs will excel. As automation becomes popular, manufacturers have to think out of the box to differentiate their products hence the focus on electric vehicles. Precision medicine is slowly becoming the preferred treatment option; Paul expects the market for the drugs to grow as more companies invest in research and development.

Paul is a recipient of several awards such as the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. In 1991, he started his career at Deutsche Bank managing accounts worth millions. Later on, he moved to the Royal Bank of Scotland where he held a similar role. Paul worked with Kinetics International fund as a senior executive. The company registered excellent results during his tenure. Paul has also been a guest in leading television broadcast including CNBC and Bloomberg.