Omar Yunes – Beyond Basic

It seems Omar Yunes has mentioned recent plans to develop new tools for his business, including a new website that is set to launch this fall. This sounds like an intriguing opportunity; what do you as followers expect the focus of the website to be? I follow primarily scientific, technological, and political news and would be most comfortable reading content within those arenas if the focus is on current events.

Since I have also worked as a local magazine editor-in-chief in Boulder and participated in writing and editing, I would enjoy working to do either myself as one of his guest bloggers or even an added in-house staffing; I have heard he is hiring, so jump on borad the first opportunity while you can and read full article.

Can you provide a few more details on the focus of your site? Has it been inspired by his? I love to tell stories – and no less to hear them, especially when they are inspired by this great man. If you are still in need, I’d like to discuss any opportunities with you in more detail. Please let me know if you are interested, or simply share your thoughts on Yunes’s upcoming developments with the world; have a voice, and let others know what you think of the potential for these new platforms and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Omar Yunes is a Mexican entrepreneur who has happily served the customer service and hospitality industry for several decades, thus far, and would be happy to do so for several more; he has created many strategies, recipes and solutions to countless problems that have mainly targeted the food services industry. He is a proven leader and business strategist with much to offer; in fact, he has globally recognized awards in food service excellence and hospitality altogether, proving himself for several years in a row. He manages Sushi Itto and