Sawyer Howitt’s Tips for Entrepreneurs to Succeed

Sawyer Howitt is an experienced young entrepreneur with the business skills to operate and budget on finances in any business making him a great success. He is the current Project Manager at Meriwether Group; a group focused on making businesses grows to their fullest potentials. Sawyer has sought to further his career as an entrepreneur by furthering his education. He is set to go to the University of California in Berkley this year 2017 to study entrepreneurial finance.

Sawyer Howitt has given several pieces of advice to young people who want to enter into the world of entrepreneurship. He advises that the best way to be sure of great success is for entrepreneurs to use their passion. To be successful, Sawyer gives the following guideline; first, you have to start at the given time as no other time is right enough unless one is waiting for something important such as a license. After starting the business, you can do the work as one person, but if one wants growth, then the best option is to hire. Sawyer recommends that the best person to have is an experienced one, but they must also fit into the intended culture. Once you put in place the team, Sawyer encourages the employee to keep them happy as they will work harder. To keep your employees happy, it is best to reward them if they have achieved a certain goal.

The next tip for a successful entrepreneur is to maintain focus in his first idea. He encourages entrepreneurs to get away from having very many ideas in their heads as they may be a source of distraction. He states that rather than pursuing all ideas, it is best to write them down. Once the first business plan is settled, then one can seek another in the list of the other ideas. The fourth guideline is to pay attention to money in the firm including start-up cost, the payroll, and the inventory. After considering money for the expenses mentioned above, consider key performance indicators. The final guideline is to be social to woo investors.

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